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  1. Hello everyone. Love this new site and cannot wait to see it grow. I am a new grad working in the ER and recently took my NCLEX. Today was the end of my second week of orientation. I am still not sure if I passed or not. I love working in the ER but on my third day on the job, very first thing in the morning, EMS brings in a six week old infant who was in respiratory arrest and asystole. It was probably too late when the mom woke and discovered that the baby wasn't breathing, but we did everything we were supposed to do for about a half-hour. There just wasn't any more hope. That will probably end up being the most difficult and heartbreaking memory of my entire nursing career. It wasn't even that the baby was dead at only 6 weeks old, but the mother's grief and anguish that tore my heart out as I am a mother myself. Anyway, I came back the next day- so I guess that counts for something. Any tips for a new grad working in the ER??Thanks!

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